Swordmaster Titles

There are several titles given out to students who were instructed at Tesaki dojo. The highest of which is Musashi. The highest honors are given out by the Council of Kunai while Student titles are given by the dojo who trained the student.

Titles are broken up in two categories: Master (Jinittou) and Student.

Master Titles (Given by the Council of Kunai):
1. Musashi (Supreme Master)
2. Kōchō (Headmaster)
3. Sensei (Master)
4. Honshōku (Professional)

Student Titles:
1. Taika (Expert)
2. Sasuga (Adept)
3. Shinmai (Novice)
4. Shirōutō (Amateur)
5. Shōshinsha (Beginner)

Master Titles

Musashi: The greatest of all swordmasters, Musashi represent the pinnacle of training and discipline. Musashi are offered to become the figurehead of a dojo and become a commissioned instructor of the State and most swordmasters offered the role of Musashi accept the commission, although historically there have been those who do not (such as Emperor Emperor Seijin Shinmichi).
(See a list of Musashi)

Swordmaster Titles

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