Ronin is a prestige class

“Without my master,
I am adrift, like the wind.
Lost, cold, and alone.”
— Ronin Haiku, by Anonymous

The Ronin is a masterless Jinittou. They may have been disgraced or excommunicated from the dojo they trained in, usually through violating the honor code or bringing great shame upon themselves or their family. They may have been disgraced by the actions of their lord. In the most basic form, they are unemployed Jinittou. Most ronin live as swords-for-hire, and are often employed on retainer by one or more provinces in case of a duel. There are typically two kinds of Ronin: those seeking to reclaim their honor, and those who could care less. Both can be very dangerous opponents. The most infamous Ronin living today is Seto Tachibana, personal valet and bodyguard of Governor Kōchō Hiroto Akio of the House Akio.

Hit Die: d10
Alignment: Any non-lawful
Skills: 4 + INT

1 — 1 — Supreme Focus or Death-wish
2 — 2 — Bonus Feat
3 — 3 -
4 -
4 -
5 -
5 — Bonus Feat
6 — 6 -
7 -
7 -
8 -
8 — Bonus Feat
9 — 9 -
10 -
10 — Honor Restored

Supreme Focus: If a disgraced Ronin wishes to regain his lost honor, he gains the Supreme Focus ability. At 1st Level, a Ronin receives an Iaijutsu Focus bonus of +2 and every three levels thereafter (4th, 7th, and 10th) for a maximum of +8. This ability stacks with the Skill Focus (Iaijutsu Focus) feat and any other effects that increase Iaijutsu Focus. If a Ronin does not wish to regain his honor, he does not receive this benefit, and receives instead the Death-wish benefit.

Death-wish: If a disgraced Ronin does not wish to regain his lost honor, he gains the Death-wish ability. A ronin can trade a point of AC equal to his Ronin level in exchange for an extra point on both his attack and damage rolls. Extra damage is multiplied like Strength damage when using a two-handed weapon. This ability stacks with Power Attack. When a Ronin uses Death-wish, it is an effect that lasts until the end of the current combat scenario and must be utilized throughout.
_(Example: Level 3 Samurai, Level 2 Ronin w/ Death-Wish)
Base Attack: +5
Strength Bonus: +3
AC: 18 (10 + 4 Dex + 4 Armor)
Attack: +8
Damage (katana, two-handed): 1d10 + 4

Example chooses to use Death-wish for 2 and Power Attack for 2. New Stats:
Base Attack: 5 (5 Base, -2 PA, 2 Death-wish)
Strength Bonus: +3
AC: 16 (10 + 4 Dex + 4 Armor – 2 Death-wish)
Attack: +8
Damage (katana, two-handed): 1d10 + 10 (
4 strength, +3 PA, +3 Death-wish)_

Death-wish can be implemented during Iaijutsu duels. However, a Ronin utilizing the Death-wish ability also takes a -1 for each point used to his Sense Motive and Iaijutsu Focus checks and does not add any additional points to damage.

Honor Restored: When a player attains 10 levels of Ronin, he automatically has restored his and his family’s honor.


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