Emperor Seijin Shinmichi

The Emperor of the Tesaki Juusan (Thirteen Fingers)


Seijin Shinmichi (translated: True Path of the Holy Man) is the Emperor of the Tesaki Juusan. He has been emperor for thirty years since the death of his father, the Emperor Ichijin Shinmichi. The thirty years of his reign have been marked by peace and prosperity, both within the Juusan and with the surrounding nations.

Early Life

Seijin was born in the year 1296, the first and only son of the Emperor Ichijin. His mother, Miku Shinmichi, died from complications caused by childbirth. Until age 8, he was raised by various servants and handmaidens of the Emperor until he was sent to the Yanagi Dojo.

Yanagi Dojo Years

During his father’s reign, from ages 8 to 18, Shinmichi spent a majority of his time at the Yanagi Dojo, the most prestigious dojo in the nation. He was one of four swordsman trained personally by Musashi Mikoto Yanagi (for whom the dojo is named) during Emperor Ichijin’s 39-year reign. He became one of Yanagi’s most accomplished students, winning the annual Musashi Iaijutsu Tournament four times in ten years and placing second five times (facing Takashi Ukyo every year); only once did he not make the final match due to an injury suffered in a preliminary, causing him to forfeit. Musashi Mikoto considered him to be one of the finest students he ever had, once stating, “The blade and Shinmichi are one, such as the wind through the blossoms.” Shinmichi would be offered the title Musashi and a commission to instruct at a dojo of his choosing by the Council of Kunai, which he respectfully declined, choosing instead to honor the line of succession to his father.

After The Dojo

After leaving the Yanagi Dojo (with the lesser title of Headmaster), Kōchō Shinmichi served as a prefect in Ichida, and briefly as a member of the Council of Nine to his father Ichijin. In the year 1317, following the death of his father from illness, Shinmichi was crowned as the Emperor of Tesaki.

Early Reign

After succeeding his father, he appointed his cousin, Kōchō Akatsuki Yuufu, to replace him on the Council of Nine. He also opened trade negotiations with Pelinore, a nation Tesaki had not dealt with since the start of the Steel War in 1253 (during which the Taitan Wall was built. He also opened the border to the Bask nation, which had been closed for over seventy years due to ongoing conflict with Bask Raiders. Many scrutinized these decisions; most notably General Ichiro Kyouko, who resigned following the Emperor’s decision to demilitarize the Bask Border.

Current Events

Emperor Shinmichi currently resides in the Emperor’s Palace in Ichida, commonly referred to as the Tora Shanai(Tiger House). In 1322, Seijin married Sachiko Yuki, daughter of Daichi Yuki, the head of House Yuki. In 1325, she gave birth to a son, Kenichi, and in November of 1327, gave birth to a daughter, Masami.

Emperor Seijin Shinmichi

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