UPDATE I have completed Overland Maps of all Thirteen Provinces. I am investigating a site to host them on, as I do not have enough available space without purchasing the Ascendant upgrade on Obsidian Portal.

Here are some brief things I can tell you for sure:

  • The starting point for the campaign will be the end of December in the year 1347.
  • You guys will be starting in the province of Nohara. You should try and become as familiar with this province as you possibly can as I post information on it.
  • I am working on a timeline for the history of Tesaki that will contain important events that lead up to the starting point of the campaign. It may be pretty slow going as my coursework gets heavier as the semester goes on. I am still shooting for a start date sometime around the end of November, but this might not be realistic depending on how the semester plays out. We will start playing eventually. I promise.

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The Thirteen Fingers

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