Tesaki Military Ranks

The Tesaki military is divided into two distinct groups: officers and enlisted men. Officers are commissioned soldiers who have authority over enlisted men (and, in the higher ranks, other officers) and typically serve a tour of duty outlined in their commission (for Warrant Officers up to Majors, a tour of duty term is two years, while Colonels through Generals are tenured, lifetime appointments). After a tour of duty is served, an officer becomes due for a promotion. If he is not given a promotion, he can accept another term of service at his current rank or he may request an honorable discharge from the military. This is a very common practice, particularly in times of peace, when there is little room for growth in the upper echelons of military service and soldiers move on to find more gainful employment.

Ranked Enlisted men are non-commissioned and have no mandated term of service and therefore can request an honorable discharge from the military any time they wish. In times of peace, discharges are very common.

Enlisted ranks:
Private First Class
Sergeant Major

Officer ranks:
Warrant Officer
Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant General

Tesaki Military Ranks

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