Sentry Class

As a guardian of a keep or standing watch at a castle wall, a Sentry stands, fearless into the night, ready to risk his life to protect. Sentries do not waver easily, and are always at the ready.

Abilities: Strength is important for Sentries who may need to get physical. Wisdom will protect a Sentry from mind-affecting charms and help them see through people’s facades, and Charisma helps some Sentries to do their job better by swaying curious people away from what they are protecting.

Class Skills: Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy, Iaijutsu Focus, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Ride, Sense Motive, Search*, Spot.
Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + INT Modifier) x 4.
Skills at each additional level: 4 + INT modifier

SEARCH RESTRICTION: The Search skill for Sentries is not used to locate traps or other types of dungeon-crawling, but allows a Sentry to pat down individuals and make use of it for any other policing-type actions.

Alignment: Any.

Hit Die: d10.

Weapon And Armor Proficiency: Sentries are proficient with Light, Medium, and Heavy Armors and Shields (excluding Tower Shields). They are also proficient in all Simple and Martial Weapons.

1 – 1 – Bonus Feat
2 – 2 – Uncanny Blow 1/day
3 – 3 – Fearless
4 – 4 – Bonus Feat
5 – 5 – Uncanny Blow 2/day
6 – 6/1 – Watchmen
7 – 7/2 – Bonus Feat
8 – 8/3 – Uncanny Blow 3/day
9 – 9/4 – Improved Fearless
10 – 10/5 – Bonus Feat
11 – 11/6/1 – Uncanny Blow 4/day
12 – 12/7/2 – Sixth Sense
13 – 13/8/3 – Bonus Feat
14 – 14/9/4 – Uncanny Blow 5/day
15 – 15/10/5 – Greater Fearless
16 – 16/11/6/1 – Bonus Feat
17 – 17/12/7/2 – Uncanny Blow 6/day
18 – 18/13/8/3 – Nightwatch
19 – 19/14/9/4 – Bonus Feat
20 – 20/15/10/5 – Uncanny Blow 7/day



Bonus Feats: Function the same as Bonus Feats for the Fighter Class. Likewise, levels of Sentry count towards prerequisites for Fighter feats (such as Weapon Specialization) the same way Fighter levels do.
Fearless: Grants a +4 on all Intimidate checks and saves against fear.
Improved Fearless: Grants an additional +2 on all Intimidate checks and saves against fear.
Greater Fearless: All Intimidate checks against your character automatically fail. Your +6 on saves against fear becomes a +8.
Uncanny Blow: Once per day, you can convert a single melee attack into a critical hit. You must declare that you are using Uncanny Blow before rolling an attack, and you must subsequently hit on your melee attack. If you miss, you still use the ability. You may use Uncanny Blow an additional time per day at 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th, and 20th Level.
Watchmen: Grants a +2 Experience bonus to your Listen, Search, Spot, and Sense Motive skills.
Sixth Sense: Allows you a re-roll on any Listen, Search, Spot, or Sense Motive check a number of times per day equal to 1 plus your Wisdom modifier.
Nightwatch: Take no penalties on Listen, Search, Spot, or Sense Motive checks that would otherwise be hampered or impaired by poor visibility from darkness or natural occurrences (for example, a Sentry making a Listen check in a dark wood filled with the din of woodland creatures would take no negatives for hearing an approaching ambush party, nor would he take a negative to a Spot check to see the ambushers approaching).


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