This is the modified Paladin class for the Thirteen Fingers campaign. Please check the page for descriptions not listed herein.

1 — 1 — Smite (Uncanny Blow)
2 — 2 — Divine Grace
3 — 3 — Aura of Courage (Personal), Lay on Hands
4 — 4 — Bonus Feat
5 — 5 — Smite x2
6 — 6/1 — Remove Disease
7 — 7/2 — Improved Lay On Hands
8 — 8/3 — Bonus Feat
9 — 9/4 — Remove Disease x2
10 — 10/5 — Smite x3
11 — 11/6/1 — Greater Lay On Hands
12 — 12/7/2 — Bonus Feat, Remove Disease x3
13 — 13/8/3
14 — 14/9/4
15 — 15/10/5 — Smite x4, Remove Disease x4
16 — 16/11/6/1 — Bonus Feat
17 — 17/12/7/2
18 — 18/13/8/3 — Remove Disease x4
19 — 19/14/9/4
20 — 20/15/10/5 — Smite x5

Fort/Ref/Will: (Scores same as PHB)

Hit Die: d10
Skills: 4 + INT
Smite:* See the Uncanny Blow ability for the Sentry class. Paladins may use their Smite ability against any nonlawful person or creature.
Divine Grace: At 2nd level, a paladin gains a bonus equal to their Charisma bonus (if any) on all saving throws.
Aura of Courage: Beginning at 3rd level, a paladin is immune to fear (except for fear induced by mind-altering substances, chemicals, and poisons).
Lay on Hands: Beginning at 3rd level, a paladin gains a seemingly supernatural way to temporarily heal himself and allies. A paladin can heal temporary hit points equal to 3d6 + his Charisma modifier.
Bonus Feat: Paladin Bonus Feats operate the same as Fighter Bonus Feats. Paladin levels do not count as prerequisites towards fighter feats (like Weapon Specialization) the way Fighter and Sentry levels do.
Remove Disease: At 6th level, a Paladin may attempt to remove a natural disease or ailment cause by chemicals or poisons once per day. A paladin must have the necessary components needed to remove a particular disease. In order to do so, a Paladin makes a Heal check against the substance’s DC + the number of days or hours the subject has been infected (depending on the poison’s affect table). If the check is successful, it takes a number of days equal to the amount of ability damage dealt to the subject (both initially and secondarily) to fully recover. At 9th, 12th, 15th, and 18th level, a paladin may use the remove disease ability an extra time per day.
Improved Lay on Hands: At 7th level, a paladin’s ability to heal is increased. A paladin can heal temporary hit points equal to 3d8 + his Charisma modifier per day.
Greater Lay On Hands: At 11th level, a paladin’ss ability to heal is increased. A paladin can heal temporary hit points equal to 5d6 + his Charisma modifier.


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