Noble Houses

There are currently nine Noble Houses in Tesaki:

1. Akio
2. Yuki
3. Eisaku
4. Hideo
5. Iori
6. Kazaki
7. Nagaharu
8. Shinmichi
9. Kaishi

Each family is the remnants of the feudal lords that existed before the Juusan was united under Emperor Shinobu Hideyoshi. They are the wealthiest families in Tesaki, and own a good portion of land, businesses and titles.

1. House Akio

Notable family members:
Hirana Akio, Head of House, Council of Nine member
Kōchō Hiroto Akio, Governor of Yo, son of Hirana

The Akio family dwells mainly in the capital province of Ichida, although Kōchō Hiroto Akio, the Governor of Yo, has a home in the Yo province. The Akio family owns much of Ichida, and makes a majority of their money leasing land to businesses and residential developers.

2. House Yuki

Notable family members:
Daichi Yuki, Head of House, Council of Nine member
Sachiko Yuki, Emperor’s wife, daughter of Daichi
Kenichi and Masami Shinmichi, son and daughter of Sachiko and Emperor Seijin

The Yuki family owns a majority of the ore refinement plants in Tesaki. If you own something made from a refined metal, the chances are the raw material came from a Yuki refinery. They used to live in Jiyuu, but after the marriage between the Emperor and Sachiko, they moved to Ichida.

3. House Eisaku

Notable family members:
General Goro Eisaku, Head of House

The Eisaku family has been on the decline lately, after a series of bad investments resulted in losses of a good portion of land holdings. However, they still hold considerable influence in Gan’yaku, where they run a majority of the mining operation in the Gan’yaku Mountains.

4. House Hideo

Notable family members:
Musashi Nomo Hideo, Head of House, Council of Nine member
Musashi Tatsuo Hideo, Council of Kunai member, son of Nomo

The Hideo family is one of the most honored families in Tesaki. They have more Musashi than any other Noble House in history. They are said to be the last family with a direct lineage to Miyamoto Musashi himself. Tatsuo Hideo was trained by Musashi Ukyo Takashi.

5. House Iori

Notable family members:
Ginjoro Iori, Head of House

The Iori family is wealthy, which is all there really is to them. They own most of Tama, and are responsible for a majority of what is produced in the province. Ginjoro’s son, Tsusemi, is planning on becoming the next Governor of Tama, when Azuma Masahide retires (which is reported to be soon). Tsusemi is currently a prefect in Tama.

6. House Kazaki

Notable family members:
Retired General Manzaro Kazaki, Head of House
Kōchō Kanji Kazaki, instructor at a Tallow Dojo, eldest son of Manzaro
General Manzaro Kazaki, Bureau member, youngest son of Manzaro

The Kazaki family is military by blood; there has always been at least one general in the Tesaki military since Emperor Hideyoshi united the territories. The senior Manzaro is approaching his eighties, and will more than likely be dead soon. Kanji Kazaki would be next in line to succeed him as the head of the family, but the junior Manzaro fits more in-line with the traditions of the family.

7. House Nagaharu

Notable family members:
Musashi Takiru Nagaharu, Head of House, Council of Kunai
Takeda Nagaharu, philanthropist, son of Takiru
Michiru Nagaharu, son of Takiru, age 6

The Nagaharu family is the youngest of the nine Nobles. Takiru is only 39 years old, his son Takeda is 20, and his youngest is only 6. They are considered for the honesty and thoughtfulness, as well as their willingness to give back to the community around them. They live in Karasuriku.

8. House Shinmichi

Notable family members:
Emperor Seijin Shinmichi
Sachiko Yuki, Empress of Tesaki, daughter of Daichi of House Yuki
Akatsuki Yuufu, Cousin of Seijin, Council of Nine member
Kenichi Shinmichi, Prince of Tesaki, age 2
Masami Shinmichi, Princess of Tesaki, newborn
Former Emperor Ichijin Shinmichi, deceased, succeeded by Seijin

The Shinmichi family has held the throne for almost 70 years. Ichijin took power in 1317 after the death of his father, who had reigned since 1278, after Emperor Masaru Itsuki passed away without an heir to the throne. The Shinmichi House is currently the most influential and wealthiest of the Nobles. They hold empirical residences in all thirteen provinces, but live mainly from the Tora Shanai. They also own several tracts of land in northern Nohara and control the mining operations in that province.

9. House Kaishi

Notable family members:
General Orana Kaishi, Head of House
Sergeant Shin Kaishi, Son of Orana
Taika Orana Kaishi, age 14, son of Shin Kaishi

The Kaishi family is the “guardian protector” of Dayreoudan. They are the house that loaned money to Emperor Itsuki to fund the building of the Taitan Wall during the war effort, and General Kaishi has continued what his father started; training and arming the soldiers who have stood watch on the Wall ever since. His son Shin is set to succeed him, and Shin’s son Orana, named for his grandfather, is in line to succeed his father as well.

Noble Houses

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