The Musashi Blade

The Sword of Miyamoto Musashi

weapon (melee)

Musashi katana


The sword of Miyamoto Musashi is an artifact weapon. It is technically owned by the Tesaki government, but is given to the presiding Emperor as a signature of his royalty. When the Emperor dies or abdicates his rule, the Musashi Blade is given to his successor. This has been the tradition since Shinobu Hideyoshi united the Juusan.

The katana itself is rather plain in appearance, with a simple polished wooden scabbard and iron accents. The cord on the hilt is made of simple silk with an iron cap.

The Musashi Blade is the standard arm for the Emperor to wear on a daily basis. Due to it’s simple appearance, though, more decorative Katana are worn at events such as state dinners and the annual Iaijutsu Tournament.

The Musashi (as it is simply referred to) is kept in an undisclosed location under armed guard inside the Tora Shinai where, if requested, it is brought to the Emperor every morning for him to wear. The location is said to be known by only a handful of individuals, estimated in the few dozen or so. It is also presumed that the Musashi is moved from hidden location to hidden location to deter attempts to steal it.

The Musashi Blade

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