Takashi Ukyo

Takashi Ukyo, Musashi, Ukyo Dojo, Shadowfell


Takashi Ukyo (Born 1294) is a Musashi and the owner of the Ukyo Dojo in Shadowfell. He is widely considered to be one of the best Swordmasters in Tesaki (some say he is second only to his sensei, Mikoto Yanagi).

Early Life
Takashi was born in the mountains of Shadowfell, to a poor family. He grew up on a farm until the age of 7. While he was competing with some local boys, Musashi Etsuo Itsuya spotted him, and paid for his family to be able to send him to a Dojo. While he was there, he excelled, and seemed to revel in learning new techniques, but he specialized in Iaijutsu. At age 10 he transferred to the Yanagi school to learn from Mikoto himself, alongside future Emperor Seijin Shinmichi.

Dojo Years
Takashi became one of the most decorated Jinittou ever, competing in the Musashi Iaijutsu Tournament ten years straight from age 11 to 21. He would make it to the finals every year, winning six times and losing four times; all four of his losses and five of his victories were to future Emperor and Yanagi prodigy Seijin Shinmichi. At age 21, he was offered the title of Musashi and a commission to become the head of a dojo. He accepted, and chose a newly-founded dojo in Shadowfell, near the place of his birth.

Musashi Ukyo
Takashi has become one of the most sought-after instructors. Since Musashi Yanagi takes on so few students, many of those with great promise wind up at the Ukyo Dojo in Shadowfell, which Ukyo purchased from the State for an unknown price in 1321. Ukyo has a maximum class size that he instructs personally, but he also has some of the best Headmasters in the Nation and has produced some of the finest Swordmasters.

Takashi Ukyo

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